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"Shaolin" is the first name given to an organized school dedicated to the development of individuals through the Arts. Shaolin literally means, "little pine forest", which described the location of the first Shaolin School of learning, or Temple, a location of knowledge and skill development. It was an international Art first based in what is now called China at a time period when China was a world leader in science, technology, production and population. In this environment it flourished to become known in all the civilized world as the best system with most of today"s Arts evolving from it's teachings. Styles commonly now known as Karate, Kung Fu, Boxing, grappling, Jujitsu, Chi Gung, Tae Kwon Do, Wushu, Mixed Martial Arts, are all English expressions of styles taken from the ancient Shaolin teachings and methods.

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In North America, over the past 60 years, Shaolin Kung Fu Chuan Fa and Tai Chi Chuan, was taught to family members and select friends. It is a Gar system, or family system, passed down from family member to family member, and at times their close friends. Other Martial Arts organizations were involved from time to time, but all lacked depth and unity, resulting in the organization known as "Shaolin Arts". A name designed to give credit where credit was due: To the great history of the arts and the many Masters who have honored it, both past and present. To promote the best the arts have, that is, to develop the best in each of us, that we may all have the personal development desired, and be an asset within our own communities.

Students at the Shaolin Arts studios range from 3 1/2 to 87 years of age, with equal mixes of youth, adults, men and women. We offer group and private lessons, clinics, seminars, as well as specialty group lessons designed for families, firemen, police, bodyguards, medical emergency room staff, youth groups, businesses, and the elderly. We have classes in self defense, fitness, flexibility, stress management, weight management and Chi or energy development. We have taught not only the professional athlete but blind students, individuals in wheel chairs, overweight, underweight, attention deficient disorders, and developmentally delayed individuals. Each has grown due to their involvement with our programs.

Sandy Shaolin Arts Studio

We do not require contracts as we feel if classes are good they will sell themselves. Individuals are welcomed just to drop in, but setting up an appointment is suggested so that we can take more personal time with you.

At Shaolin Arts we teach by the five classic Shaolin Animals: tiger, leopard, dragon, crane, snake, and, Chen style Tai Chi Chuan.

Within the animal styles each animal represents a different body type and personality.

The tiger is known for its strength and tenacity. It is used to being the biggest and strongest animal in the jungle using direct force in confrontations. As long as you are the biggest and strongest tiger this is a good method. The weakness of the tiger is that it can be "out foxed".

The leopard is known for its speed. Rapid multiple strikes with coordinated footwork are utilized.

The dragon is mystical. It is the thinker. Whipping and whirling with hidden strikes is its trademark.

The crane is known for its balance. It is more conservative, keeping its main body back while reaching out with its wings and beak. The last thing the crane wants to do is grapple.

The snake uses wrapping movements and poisonous strikes. The sports of judo, jujitsu, wrestling, and aikido all came from the snake. Poisonous strikes are related to pressure point strikes.

Our Tai Chi programs are designed for health, fitness, balance, relaxation, awareness, harmony, and energy development. Time has proven again and again the wonderful benefits of Tai Chi practice. This gentle yet invigorating exercise can have amazing effects on the entire body and mind. Chen style Tai Chi's principles of power generation are famous in both the healing and defensive arts.

Glendale Shaolin Arts Studio

Just like people, each Shaolin Art animal has its strengths and weakness due to individual body style and personality. For example, in self defense applications, kicks are an excellent tool, but if you are standing on a patch of ice, wearing a tight dress, you may not be able to throw too many kicks. If someone gets behind you and pulls you down to the ground, different skills are needed. What if you have more than one attacker, or weapons are used? Putting all the animal styles together, as was traditionally done, creates a more complete package, system of martial arts, mixed martial arts is a common descriptive term used in today's language. Our goal is to teach you all the principles of the arts, and you will naturally gravitate to the style that works best for you. We do have students who study just one aspect of the art. It may be a weapon, self defense, sport, or the internal. Let us know ahead of time, and we can set up a specialized program.

The strength of studying a complete system is its depth; the weakness is a lot of information is shared. If someone is after a quick rank, say a black belt, studying just one part of an art often results in quicker rank within that style. Rank obtained within a specialized style is often only recognized within that style, or even limited to that individual studio location.

Shaolin Chuan Fa, Kung Fu, mixed martial arts, youth, self defense, fitness


Weapons are an extension of the body, therefore a wonderful tool to learn about oneself, learning to extend energy past your limbs, to center yourself properly, to increase sensitivity and total awareness. At Shaolin Arts, traditional weapons are taught for the above-mentioned benefits, plus modern weapons, or weapons found within our society, since understanding how any weapon works also results in better understanding of how to defend against them.

Knowledge is power, but most important, the correct responsible use of knowledge is freedom.

Zheng, a 16-century military analyst, wrote: "In todays martial arts, there is no one in the land who does not yield to Shaolin. Funiu Monks should be ranked as second, for these monks seeking to protect themselves studied Shaolin. Together, these centers comprise hundreds of monasteries and countless monks. Our land is beset by bandits inside and barbarians outside. If the government issues an order for these monks recruitment it will win every battle".

Anciently, Shaolin practitioners were healers, educators, a source of knowledge for an entire community. The systems of Shaolin did become world famous in violent times due to fighting skills, yet they were most respected for their wisdom and services performed. They became sources of truth, knowledge and skills for entire communities and countries, whether it be healing or protecting - just like we each need today.