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Our physical bodies are a wonderful thing. With them we can explore, discovering the world around us, create, share, and improve our circumstances. The better our bodies, the more we are free to enjoy life.

fitness, tai chi chuan, kung fu, shaolin, qi gung, mixed martial arts

Our bodies have an incredible ability to heal themselves if given the opportunity. All of us will experience some hardships, injuries, illness and hopefully old age. The better shape we are in, mentally, spiritually and physically the easier will be our recovery and the number of years we have to enjoy.

Most of us take good health and fitness for granted until we lose it - then we often wonder why? The human body is designed to move. It needs it, craves it and flourishes with it. The trick is to move correctly,to have strength, flexibility, balance, mental awareness and energy; and that's what Shaolin Arts is all about. Certain things we cannot completely change. Genetics do play a roll. A good fitness program can make a major difference. It can be fun, rewarding and be good for you too. For example, many people either want to lose weight or gain it. Logically, this is easy: you just eat more calories than your body burns to gain and burn more calories than you eat to lose. In our society, doing this, putting this in practice takes knowledge, encouragement and support.

fitness, self defense, self-defense, shaolin kung fu, tai chi chuan, animals

Three points are worth considering:

  1. You do not stop habits, you replace them. You do not stop eating. You eat differently, you replace fast foods, for example, with other activities that you discover are even more rewarding.
  2. You stop kidding yourself. You discover the facts rather than the advertisements. Most 'diet plans' fail. Most quick fixes do not last. It is a different way, a different outlook, and a lifestyle that is needed. Understand what and how much your body needs to eat and drink - not how much and what people want to sell you. Stop worry about weight, just become informed and do what is good for you and let your body develop. Very few people get in and stay in shape by 'trying' to get in shape. They get in shape as a result of being active, choosing a healthy lifestyle on a day by day basis.
  3. In our society, most of us need more exercise. If exercise is fun and rewarding you will continue to do it, otherwise you won't. Shaolin Arts programs have the depth, variety and results to keep interests. Once we start enjoying our bodies again good things happen. Do not wait, until you're in "better shape" to start your training at Shaolin Arts, we will take you from where you are to where you want to be. Waiting to get in shape, until you have more time, until the planets align themselves is just procrastination, another lie you are living with. When we catch ourselves, even unconsciously lying to ourselves, personal discouragement and frustrations result. When we are honestly engaged in healthy activity, fitness and relaxation happens. Shaolin Arts has the knowledge, tools and motivation for your success, regardless of age, gender and circumstances. Enjoy the external and internal development. Our physical, spiritual and mental selves are interconnected. The stronger one area is, the better off all the others are. Our programs can stimulate and coordinate each area, plus, make all your other activities healthier, more productive and fun. Come in and enjoy complete fitness and health at Shaolin Arts.