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Location: 2312 West 5400 South, Taylorsville UT

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Shaolin Arts

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Please call us for an appointment.

Class times
Monday thru Saturday, contact us for class times for your specific goals.

The Taylorsville Studio is located on 5400 South west of 2200 West in the Marvin's Gardens Plaza.

Each of us can discover this wonderful world with correct instruction and honest effort. Yes, it can take a lifetime, or more correctly said, there is a lifetime worth of rewards, growth and enjoyment available in our programs, starting with our first lesson. At Shaolin Arts, we do offer a lot. Take the piece within a time period you want or take it all: the confidence of having true Self Defense, the feelings of complete Fitness, the mysteries of traditional Kung Fu, the energy of Tai Chi, Weapons play, the variety of Mixed Martial Arts, the Fun, the Success, the Discovery. Enjoy the journey only you can take, because each of us is unique, with our own set of circumstances, interests and backgrounds. So keep your strengths strong, have fun, play, feel and share. It's really worth it!

As you enjoy this web site please realize, it is good to read, talk and watch but it is in the doing that completes us.

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