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Karate is a Japanese term which at first meant the ‘Way of Chinese Hands.’ Due to animosity the Japanese had for the Chinese, the Japanese changed the meaning of the term Karate to the ‘Way of Empty Hands.’ It has been adapted into a generic term meaning Martial Art, but it literally means 'how to defend yourself with empty hands.' Karate is part of the complete system taught at Shaolin Arts. There are a myriad of kicks, multi hand strikes, stances, grabs, and patterns or techniques thousands of years old to utilize, for control, to heal with and to energize. In the end you just have to experience Karate to understand the reward of maximizing your body in the study of Karate.

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At Shaolin Arts, our goal is excellence in all we do. We want to live life! We laugh, and sometimes cry. We sweat, we ponder, we share, we truly and fully live! We are not to abuse, nor are we abused. Instead we discover ourselves, enlightenment, understanding, confidence, self awareness and enjoy the experience. In the end we experience the joy of growth, the empowerment and the freedom that it brings. It’s fun and rewarding! It builds upon all the good that is in us.

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Many refer to the Art of Karate as either internal (developing or dealing with the internal parts of the body) or external (the outer shell of the body.) Internal is likewise thought of as being soft or gentle in movement while external is only hard or focused. There really is no such thing in the Arts. Rather there is some degree of both in all. One type or style of Art may have become more known for being soft or hard, gentle or focused, but both are still needed, just like the outside of the body has need of the inside and the inside needs the outside. Neither can live without the other. Karate styles such as Japan's Wado Ryu or Korea's Tae Kwon Do tend to be linear with a force meets force type philosophy, while Kung Fu styles are more circular, redirecting energy, if compared to each other. Again, this may tend to be true, but there are still very "hard" styles of Karate and very "soft" ones as well.

We do have students who study just one aspect of the Art. Some people enjoy expanding to use weapons, which brings great feedback because they are an extension of the body. Others may want to study self defense, sport, or the health and fitness it generates. Let us know your interests and we can set up a specialized program.

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Karate at Shaolin Arts is a wonderful way to discover and develop all the positive in yourself in a fun and safe environment.

Come in! There is no time like the present to discover, to enjoy the adventure.