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Mixed Martial Arts

Martial Art has become a term referring to the fighting side of the Arts. Mixed Martial Arts has become an American term referring to more than one style of Martial Arts. MMA, meaning mixed martial arts, has become a sporting contest in North America where punches, kicks, and grappling are used to entertain spectators.

Low Bow Stance Double Tiger Claws

Anciently, all Arts were taught under one roof and students would rotate through different wings or halls learning different styles or techniques. Thus they would learn a full system of the Arts. Over time, it became common to only learn one piece of the Arts, one style. It may be just the kicks, such as in Tae Kwon Do, or just the ground fighting as in Jujitsu, redirecting energy as in Aikido, or a force meets force philosophy of Karate. Each of these pieces of the whole can be fun and rewarding to be involved in and if all you want is one piece then by all means just do that part or piece. But, tIme has proven over and over again, the weakness of limiting to only one style, only having one way of dealing with life.

Front Ball Kicks

long range, to close range

Shaolin Kung-fu Lockup

At Shaolin Arts we have always used a complete program of the Arts. With the traditional five animal styles we teach, long range kicking, closer range punching, knees, elbows into even close range Chin Na or grappling jujitsu are fundamental to our system and always have been. This is why our self defense systems work so well. Students will have techniques that work for any body type, against any body type, in any environment.

Shaolin Kung-fu Throw

You can learn just one piece of the Martial Arts, such as kicks or ground fighting and we will be happy to teach you, but whenever we can, we like to teach the whole system. All the kicks, punches, hand strikes, grabs, controls, ground techniques, healing's, pressure points, etc. You can have a part or have it all. At Shaolin Arts the choice is yours.