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Tai Chi Chuan

Welcome to Tai Chi Chu'an (pronounced 'tie chee chuwan'). A program that has "stood the test of time." Tai Chi Chuan, Tai Chi or Taijiquan is one of the most ancient forms of Chinese Arts, or Wushu. Today millions practice it for its many health benefits.

Stress reduction, improved blood pressure, balance, muscle tone, increased awareness are a few of the common results of this gentle yet invigorating activity.

Tai Chi is a traditional program for developing the internal energy of the body. Mixed Martial Arts, Karate, Kung Fu, Jujitsu, Boxing, etc. treasure the power its principles generate. In fact, Tai Chi is known as the 'master blueprint' for all the martial arts. Traditionally it is taught in 'forms', a preset series of movements designed centuries ago to teach how to coordinate the internal energy every physical body has with the external body and the environment.

Chen style of Tai Chi is the oldest and, in fact, the original form of Tai Chi Chuan. It has many unique characteristics, such as focus complementing softness, fast movements being intermixed with slow movements and, in particular, it makes much use of spiral force and silk drawing force, both of which have great therapeutic value. Chi Gung, or Qi Gung, are persent in every movement. Today, young and old enjoy its teachings and practices.

Tai Chi Student Practicing

At Shaolin Arts students of all ages and genders enjoy private and groups lessons.

An excerpt on Chi or energy within our bodies follows. Further discussion can be obtained from the student section of this web site.

Our Belief System

As we develop in our personal lives, we consciously and unconsciously create inner views or mental models of the universe that become part of who we are. This is commonly called our personal belief system. As we move through life this model or belief system is continually challenged, at times falsely and at times correctly. In order to maintain our physical, mental and spiritual health, we must successfully adapt to these challenges and assimilate new understanding. In most North American education we are taught the Scientific Method as the process and means to discover truth and thereby have understanding. As we move through life we often experience things that cannot be completely explained by this scientific method, but none the less, we still use what degree of knowledge we have on the topic. For example, is light a particle, a wavelength or both? What is electricity? The common answer, for electricity, is electron flow. But the electron flow idea just creates more questions and theories with more questions and more theories etc. All of which doesn't bother most people as long as the light bulb works when you turn on the switch. As we talk about Chi or energy flows within the body we may be challenging belief systems. But, like the light bulb, if it works, it works!

Some cultures are more concerned with why things work while others are more interested in how things work.

Systems of Energy - Chi

In the Western scientific traditions we are asked to objectively analyze data and events external to ourselves; in the Eastern tradition we are asked to subjectively investigate the internal world through contemplation, meditation and body control. The conclusion and constructs from Eastern traditions provide models of reality that are different from that of the west or so it may seem at first.

Tai Chi Chuan through Shaolin Arts opens a wonderful world for us to discover, enjoy and develop with.

Come and join us!